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Why Choose The Joint Commission for Your Telehealth Accreditation?

The Joint Commission currently accredits the largest number of organizations that provide care, treatment, or services via a telehealth platform, and is the largest accrediting body in the United States. Learn why these organizations select The Joint commission as their accreditor.
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Build a structure for operational excellence.

The Joint Commission offers the industry’s most comprehensive framework to help you establish a consistent approach to virtual care, reducing variation and the risk of error.
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Create differentiation.

The Joint Commission’s well-recognized and highly respected Gold Seal of Approval® will set your organization apart from competitors. It demonstrates to patients/the population you serve, other providers, pharmacists, and payors that you are committed to providing the utmost quality and safest virtual care ─ and that your organization strives not only to do things the right way, but to achieve excellence.
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Promote alignment with other accredited organizations across the continuum of care.

When you select an accreditor who has a long-standing history of accrediting and certifying organizations across the continuum of care, your partner organizations and patients/population you serve will have the confidence that you are delivering the same quality of care as an in-person encounter.
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Facilitate payor, contracting, and reimbursement discussions.

Payors view The Joint Commission as the “gold standard.” We have a dedicated team who collaborates with payors and state agencies to support the inclusion of accreditation and certification requirements for network providers, or in value-based performance initiatives or Centers of Excellence (CoE).
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Streamline the credentialing process.

Joint Commission accredited telehealth organizations meet the regulatory requirements for telemedicine credentialing and are qualified to conduct credentialing by proxy (CBP).

Access exclusive business intelligence tools.

DASH (Data Analytics for Safe Healthcare) — our exclusive suite of complimentary business intelligence tools — assembles key performance data in one place, allowing organizations to spot trends in performance and prioritize your improvement efforts for maximum impact.

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