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New and Revised Requirements for the Infection Prevention and Control (IC) Chapter

Effective July 1, 2024, The Joint Commission approved new and revised requirements for the Infection Prevention and Control (IC) chapter for critical access hospitals and hospitals. For more information see the R3.

Approach to Standards Compliance

When developing infection prevention and control processes, practices, policies, and procedures The Joint Commission encourages organizations to follow the hierarchical approach to determine infection control requirements that are specific to their organizations.

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Further information can be found in Perspectives, April 2019.

In addition, accredited organizations should monitor the Consistent Interpretations section of Perspectives for examples of RFIs related to Infection Prevention and Control. Topics that have been covered include Personal Protective Equipment (August 2019), Water Management (January 2020), Operative Attire (March 2020), Glucose Monitoring and Insulin Administration (May 2021), Ultrasound Transducers (July 2021).

Infection Control Actions to Take During Respiratory Virus Season from CDC (Sept 2023)

This blog Infection Control Actions to Take During Respiratory Virus Season contains updated information on effective strategies to prevent infections from 3 viral illnesses: COVID-19, influenza and RSV.  It also provides links to national surveillance systems for local data about each virus as well as a combined RESP-NET interactive dashboard. 

CDC’s Core Infection Prevention and Control Practices for Safe Healthcare Delivery in All Settings

In November 2022, CDC revised this document which concisely describes a core set of infection prevention and control practices that are required in all healthcare settings, regardless of the type of healthcare provided.

Joint Commission Experts in the News

Joint Commission infection prevention and control experts are featured in a variety of publications.

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Standards Interpretation

For questions and answers related to IPC standards, please visit the standards interpretation page.