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Quality Measurement Webinars & Videos

The Joint Commission offers a variety of educational measurement-related webinars (live and on-demand), and other recorded video content. Topics include specific performance measures, reporting requirements, and topics that are clinically-, technically-, or statistically-focused. Webinars and videos address electronic clinical quality measures (eCQMs) and chart-abstracted measures used for accreditation and certification purposes. For additional information on each webinar or video series, see below.


The Joint Commission’s Pioneers in Quality General Sessions provide information such as measurement requirements, changes in reporting, opportunities for engagement and/or recognition, and insights regarding data analysis of national clinical quality measurement data received. This generalized content is meant as education for hospitals and health systems to assist them in meeting current and future requirements.

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The Pioneers in Quality eCQM Proven Practices webinar series shares eCQM implementation and data use success stories and tips from hospitals and health systems. Proven Practices are reviewed by the Pioneers in Quality Advisory Panel each year and those selected as Expert Contributors are invited to present on a Pioneers in Quality Proven Practices webinar. The series assists accredited hospitals with eCQM and health IT barriers and challenges by learning from the experiences of their peers. This webinar series presents an opportunity to apply this knowledge to improve your organization’s eCQM data use for quality improvement. 

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The Joint Commission’s Expert to Expert Webinar Series provides a deep-dive into measure intent, logic, and other clinical/technical aspects of electronic clinical quality measures (eCQMs) to assist hospitals and health systems in their efforts to improve eCQM data use for quality improvement. This series incorporates expertise from Joint Commission and other key stakeholders. 

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Joint Commission produces a series of on-demand educational video shorts about electronic Clinical Quality Measures (eCQMs). Episodes are approximately 2-3 minutes in length and offer an engaging and contemporary approach to teach these complex and comprehensive topics. The eCQM video shorts lead the viewer to understand application of eCQM resources, eCQM constructs and Logic expression language concepts (CQL, FHIR).

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Periodically, The Joint Commission will offer webinar sessions regarding new measures and changes to existing measures. These can include eCQMs and/or chart-abstracted measures used for both accreditation and certification purposes. 

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The Joint Commission provides performance measure dashboards for specific accreditation settings (i.e., nursing care centers, ambulatory settings, home health care, hospice, and hospital). These dashboards help to identify important quality targets and assist organizations to identify where their performance lags and leads. As national performance improvement opportunities are identified based upon dashboard data, webinars are developed to target those needs. The aim of these webinars is to provide an opportunity for all health care organizations within specific settings to learn from high performing health care organizations on selected topics. High performing organizations will share their best practices and lessons learned in achieving and sustaining their impressive outcomes.

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