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About the Resource Center

The health care worker is the most important stakeholder in The Joint Commission’s mission to advance patient safety. We understand that many organizations struggle with addressing complex issues such workplace violence prevention, worker well-being, and worker safety. To help organizations in their efforts to promote workforce safety and well-being, we curated a collection of resources on each of these topic areas. Our goal is to provide health care leaders and staff with accessible tools and strategies to enhance the safety and well-being of their workforce.

How to Use Resource Collections

For each topic area, we identified actionable strategies and tools that organizations can use, regardless of where they are on their journey to address these complex issues.

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Strategies, Tools & Best Practices

Prevent Workplace Violence

Resources to help meet Joint Commission accreditation requirements.

Promote Worker Well-Being

Resources to help organizations early in their journey to address burnout.

Protect Workers from Hazards

Resources to help protect your workforce from accidents and injuries.

This resource center is not intended to serve as an exhaustive or exclusive repository of publicly available resources related to workforce safety and well-being in health care. Nor does it offer any endorsement of the source nor of any particular product, health care organization, or service, nor should it be construed as a statement that the source, health care organization, or its products or services, are superior to those of other companies. These resources were not developed or validated by The Joint Commission. Approaches utilized by organizations spotlighted in this resource center are not inclusive of all organizational approaches that may be successful in addressing workplace violence, workforce well-being and workforce safety, and strategies may need to be tailored by organizations to meet the unique needs of their setting and patient population. By accessing and using website resources, website users agree to make no claim of any kind against The Joint Commission for any and all damages that result from use or implementation of any website content.