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What is DASH?

DASH logoDASH is a collection of proprietary business intelligence tools developed to support our customers and empower them to make more informed decisions to drive quality improvement and reduce harm.

Data fuels better decisions that more effectively guides performance improvements.

The Joint Commission enterprise is in a unique position to have data depth beyond what is typical in order to support its customers with metrics that matter. We're providing data transparency in a convenient platform to power process and focus on relevant needs to drive efficiency and effectiveness to improve care results. DASH is our smart solution to enable the use of analytics for deeper insight into health care performance and market intelligence.

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Strategy + Efficiency + Convenience = Informed Decisions

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Health care organizations can use this insightful data to strengthen decision-making capabilities that can ultimately lead to more informed decisions when it comes to health care quality and safety.

DASH Business Intelligence Offerings:

Accelerate PI™

Reports that provide performance measurement data on a select subset of measures. Allows a health care organization to compare to national, state, and averages from Joint Commission-accredited organizations.

Illuminate Analytics™

Provides greater visibility on the collective performance of an organization across key quality metrics. With its compelling visualizations, this intuitive business intelligence tool helps drive meaningful, actionable conclusions from disparate data sources that enhance the quality and safety of the care provided.

SAFER® Dashboard

Aggregate survey findings at the corporate, organization and program levels* with survey observations, SAFER® Matrix data as well as total Requirements for Improvement (RFls).

*as applicable

Access Accelerate Pl and SAFER® Dashboard on your organization's Joint Commission Connect® Extranet site. Illuminate Analytics can be accessed within the JCR software portal. If your organization is not a current e-products user, contact us at 877.223.6866.