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The Program

During the beginning years of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States, the use of telehealth increased 154% and then stabilized and remained at levels 38 times higher than 2019. As telehealth continues to move into additional settings and evolve, it affords more people to have access to healthcare services.

The Joint Commission recognizes the critical role of telehealth in delivering care and has created an accreditation program to address the unique structures and processes necessary to provide safe, high-quality care, treatment, and services using a telehealth platform.


This program is for healthcare organizations that exclusively provide care, treatment, and services via telehealth and for hospitals and other healthcare organizations that have written agreements in place to provide care, treatment, and services via telehealth to another organization’s patients.

The Process

The telehealth accreditation process is comprehensive and tailored to meet the unique needs of telehealth providers. Through a virtual survey, organizations will be surveyed based on the telehealth modality used and the services provided. The survey experience is promised to be collaborative and educational to not only assess compliance, but also provide a through, objective assessment and valuable insights and strategies for ongoing performance improvement.

Get the Help You Need

We are here to help your organization throughout the entire accreditation process. Whether you’re new to The Joint Commission or looking for guidance after your survey, you’ll have the support you need.