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Speakers Bureau

The Joint Commission Speakers Bureau offers qualified speakers on a variety of topics related to Joint Commission accreditation, performance measurement and quality improvement.

*IMPORTANT NOTE*: The Joint Commission continues to closely monitor the rate of COVID transmission and CDC data to determine if it’s safe for our employees to conduct an in-person presentation. When deemed necessary, we will recommend a virtual presentation in order to protect the health and safety of our employees and customers as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

How to Schedule a Speaker

The Joint Commission will make every effort to fill speaker requests with the most qualified individual. The request may be forwarded to Joint Commission Resources® (JCR®) based on the topic and length of presentation. JCR is an affiliate of The Joint Commission.

After a speaker has been confirmed, he or she will work directly with the requester to develop a presentation targeted to the particular audience. Please do not list a speaker in promotional material until confirmation from The Joint Commission has been received.

To request a speaker, complete the following form.

How Far in Advance to Request a Speaker

For us to match the best speaker with the program, we recommend that you contact The Joint Commission as early as possible — at least eight weeks prior to the scheduled event.

Speaker Fees

The requesting organization is asked to pay an honorarium. The amount of the honorarium is based on the speaker's level in the organization, and the required preparation time. The requesting organization is also asked to reimburse The Joint Commission for the speaker's travel, meals and lodging expenses.

Speaker Topics

We offer speakers on a variety of topics, see below for some of our options:

  • Accountability Measures
  • Accreditation of:
    • Ambulatory Health Care (Bureau of Primary Health Care, Imaging Centers, Office-Based Surgery, Sleep Centers, Surgery Centers, Urgent Care Centers)
    • Behavioral Health Care
    • Home Care Agencies
    • Hospitals and Critical Access Hospitals
    • Laboratory Services
    • Nursing Care Center
  • Center for Transforming Healthcare
  • Disease-Specific Care Certification
  • Environment of Care/Life Safety/Emergency Management
  • Health Care Staffing Services Certification
  • Health Services Research
  • Heart Failure and Stroke Measures
  • High Reliability Organizations
  • Infection Control
  • Medication Management
  • National Patient Safety Goals
  • Patient-Centered Communication Standards
  • Patient Safety
  • Performance Measurement
  • Perinatal Core Measures
  • Pioneers in Quality / Electronic Clinical Quality Measurement (eCQMs)
  • Primary Care Home Initiative
  • Sentinel Events and Root Cause Analysis
  • Staffing Effectiveness
  • Standards
  • Survey Process
  • Targeted Solutions Tool (TST)
  • Tobacco Use Screening and Treatment Measure Set