Pioneers in Quality Facts

Pioneers in Quality™ (PIQ) is a Joint Commission program to assist hospitals on their journey toward electronic clinical quality measure (eCQM) adoption and reporting.

Since 2002, hospitals have been reporting data to The Joint Commission as a requirement of accreditation. Through eCQMs, hospitals can electronically collect and transmit data on the quality of care that patients receive — data that can be analyzed to measure and improve care processes, performances and outcomes.

The PIQ program, which began in 2016, recognizes accredited hospitals at the forefront of this new era in health care quality reporting — in which hospitals collect information through electronic health records on the quality of care that patients receive, and transmit the data to The Joint Commission (as part of its ORYX® performance measurement requirements) and to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

Recent changes to The Joint Commission’s ORYX performance measurement requirements are the result of the transition to eCQMs, as well as efforts to maintain close alignment with the CMS Hospital Inpatient Quality Reporting Program.

Hospitals are recognized in three categories:

  • Expert Contributor: Hospitals that advanced the evolution and utilization of eCQMs through contributions, such as presenting at a Pioneers in Quality webinar or participating in eCQM development.

  • Solution Contributor: Hospitals that submitted a Proven Practice selected for inclusion in The Joint Commission’s Proven Practices Collection.

  • Data Contributor: Hospitals that voluntarily transmitted eCQM data for The Joint Commission’s production database.

The Joint Commission’s first priority is making sure that hospitals understand reporting requirements. There also is a strong focus on partnering with hospitals to provide the highest level of quality care for patients and their families. Key components of the Pioneers in Quality program include:

  • Regular educational webinars focused on eCQM adoption, including continuing education units (CEUs) for live webinar participation
  • Expert to Expert series webinars
  • A comprehensive eCQM resource portal
  • The Joint Commission’s annual report, focusing on components of the program and the evolution of eCQM measurement
  • Recognition for eCQM pioneers, including in the annual report
  • A Pioneers in Quality Technical Advisory Panel
  • Outreach through The Joint Commission’s Speaker’s Bureau

Proven Practices Collection 

Pioneers in Quality: Proven Practices Collection is a resource that is available to Joint Commission-accredited hospitals. This initiative recognizes hospitals that have successfully leveraged eCQMs and health IT to drive quality improvement. Hospitals submit their success stories via an online application form, and applicants should clearly link their accomplishments to the use of eCQMs and health IT for quality improvement. Topics of interest include:

  • Using eCQMs as part of organizational quality improvement efforts
  • Harmonizing clinical decision support and quality measurement
  • Optimizing clinical workflow to support eCQM collection alongside quality care
  • Managing clinical and administrative data effectively
  • Aligning quality reporting and operational measurement goals
  • Educating clinicians on quality improvement and electronic data collection

Selected hospitals will be recognized as a Pioneer in Quality Solution Contributor in The Joint Commission annual report, and their success stories shared in the Proven Practices Collection.