to main content Mobile Version of Notification of Onsite Survey for Hospital Accreditation | The Joint Commission

Joint Commission customers can now access a new mobile-friendly version of the Notification of Scheduled Events – including notice of the onsite survey or review – that can be accessed via a smart phone (iPhone, Android device, Windows phone, or Blackberry). If you receive notification of events for more than one organization, notifications will only be displayed for those organizations that have scheduled events. If no events are scheduled for any of the organizations, the message will indicate that there are no scheduled events.

To access the mobile version:

  • On your smart phone, go to the Joint Commission website, and click on the “Log In” link. Use your usual log in information.
  • This log in will open the mobile Notification of Scheduled Events, not the entire Joint Commission Connect extranet.
  • If an event is scheduled at any of the organizations that you typically receive notice for, there will be a notice. If there is no event scheduled at any organization, there will be a message that nothing is scheduled.
  • If the scheduled event is an onsite survey or review, you will also be able to pull up the surveyor or reviewer photo(s).