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What to Expect on Survey Day

During the on-site survey, we assess your compliance with Joint Commission standards. Survey length depends on the information you supply on your application and the agenda includes key activities such as:

  • A survey-planning session
  • An opening conference and orientation to the organization between our surveyor(s) and your team
  • A dedicated leadership session
  • A competence assessment process
  • An environment of care session, including a building tour
  • An exit conference for the survey team to present a written summary of their findings

Get Your Survey Activity Guide

The Survey Activity Guide is dedicated to preparing you for the on-site visit. This resource includes: 

  • Survey Activity Details: A thorough, individualized description of the on-site survey events
  • Sample Survey Agenda: A helpful, hour-by-hour outline of the survey, showing you what to expect, who to have available and what you’ll need throughout the on-site visit
  • Ready-to-Go List: A list of documents and information you’ll need for the surveyor planning sessions on the first day of your survey