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Monitor Progress in Achieving Health Care Equity

It is important to assess progress and evaluate whether an organization’s efforts to reduce health care disparities are successful. Reviewing quality and safety metrics, collecting feedback from patients about new services or interventions, or evaluating staff training and education needs will help determine whether an organization’s action plan to address health care disparities is working or whether changes are needed to achieve the desired improvement goals.


Improving health care equity for the organization’s patients is a quality and safety priority.

EP 5

The organization acts when it does not achieve or sustain the goal(s) in its action plan to improve health care equity.

Some terms used in the requirements will vary by accreditation program. For example, the behavioral health care and human services program uses the term "individual served" as opposed to "patient" that is used in hospital and ambulatory settings.

Learn from Other Organizations

Click on the Snapshots and Soundbites tabs to learn how other organizations used process mapping to visually depict workflows to help bring process improvement opportunities to light.

Preview of Resources

If your organization is in the planning stage, check out the resource we selected that includes learning activities over a 5-week period, a readiness assessment tool, and an example of a timeline and plan outline. To help your organization meet the new health care equity requirements, click the Strategies tab to access the resources we selected to support your efforts.