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Evidence-Based Interventions

As organizations progress along their journey to achieve health care equity, it is important that we share the work of the many pioneers who have led the way in developing, implementing, and testing interventions that have shown success in addressing conditions and topics with known disparities. The Joint Commission has identified some evidence-based interventions that have been successful in addressing disparities.

Organizations seeking to reduce health disparities related to a specific clinical condition can access intervention information to assist them in study replication and implementation. All selected interventions meet the following criteria:

  • Study was published in a reputable peer-reviewed journal
  • Randomized controlled trial methodology
  • Conducted with adequate sample sizes to conduct analyses
  • A well-defined patient population
  • Study is replicable
  • Use of clinical outcome measures directly related to the clinical topic
  • Yielded statistically significant results showing sustained effectiveness over time

We are steadily adding more topics and intervention materials to this site. If you know of important interventions that have been rigorously evaluated and published, please let us know by emailing .