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Inform Key Stakeholders About Progress to Reduce Disparities

An organization’s commitment to reducing health care disparities should be embedded throughout its culture and practices. Leadership, providers, and staff need to be aware of the organization’s initiatives to address health care disparities and be informed of their potential role in those initiatives, and they should also receive updates about the challenges and successes of the organization’s efforts to improve care for all patients. The Joint Commission already requires organizations to communicate information related to quality and safety to key stakeholders annually, so it should be easy for most organizations to report on their health care equity efforts through existing processes.


Improving health care equity for the organization’s patients is a quality and safety priority.

EP 6

At least annually, the organization informs key stakeholders, including leaders, licensed practitioners, and staff, about its progress to improve health care equity.

Some terms used in the requirements will vary by accreditation program. For example, the behavioral health care and human services program uses the term "individual served" as opposed to "patient" that is used in hospital and ambulatory settings.

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