How to report issues with eCQM specs and reporting | Joint Commission
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Monday 2:17 CST, February 19, 2018

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How to report issues with eCQM specs and reporting

February 12, 2016

CMS and ONC use the JIRA system to track issues with eCQM specifications and eCQM data reporting issues. JIRA provides a space in which internal and external users can transparently log, prioritize, and discuss issues with appropriate subject matter experts on a host of topics. In order to use JIRA to report issues, you will need to set up a user account. You can also download a pdf with more information on how to use JIRA.

In addition to eCQM specifications and reporting issues, CMS and ONC use JIRA for other purposes, including public comment on new eCQMs, as well as to track issues related to other-eCQM related platforms. It’s important to report an issue in the appropriate JIRA site:

  • JIRA CQM Issue Tracker: used to track issues related to electronic clinical quality measures used including questions on implementation (e.g., the specifications, logic, code sets, measure intent) or policy (e.g., reporting requirements).

  • JIRA QRDA Issue Tracker: used to collect technical questions or problems identified during the implementation of QRDA standards or reporting QRDA fields.

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