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Telehealth Accreditation Program

The Joint Commission has developed a new Telehealth accreditation program (TEL) that will be effective July 1, 2024. This program is intended for health care organizations that exclusively provide care, treatment, and services via telehealth and for health care organizations that provide services via telehealth to another organization’s patients.

As the use of telehealth has rapidly expanded into new health care settings and specialties, The Joint Commission identified the need to create a new accreditation program to address the structures and processes necessary to provide safe, high-quality care, treatment, and services using a telehealth platform. The new accreditation requirements address telehealth across multiple topics, such as leadership, human resources, emergency management, information management, provision of care, record of care, and patient rights, among others. While most of the telehealth standards will apply to all health care organizations in the program, there is also a subset of requirements that will apply to organizations based on the telehealth modality used and the service provided.

The new TEL program will replace the current telehealth and technology-based accreditation products in the Ambulatory Health Care and Behavioral Health Care and Human Services accreditation programs. Current customers within those programs will receive additional information about the transition process to the TEL program.

The requirements will be available in May, and access can be requested from the Prepublication Standards page of The Joint Commission's website.

For information on obtaining Telehealth accreditation, please contact Business Development at  .

Publication Standards:

Prepublication Standards - Effective July 1, 2024