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eCQM Proven Practices Submission

The Pioneers in Quality eCQM Proven Practices is a Joint Commission program that recognizes hospitals and healthcare systems who demonstrate the use of eCQMs (electronic clinical quality measures) and health IT to drive quality improvement; and an opportunity for organizations to share their eCQM success stories, tips, and strategies for peer-to-peer learning.

The Joint Commission invites you to submit your pioneering “eCQM Proven Practice” success story. Your success story helps to inform and guide all hospitals in their efforts to drive quality improvement in their facilities, including trends, barriers and the evolving eCQM landscape.

Proven Practices Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  1. Innovative stakeholder engagement
    Examples: Participate in eCQM development/testing; advanced/creative resource utilization to support governance structures or clinician education
  3. Interoperability
    Examples: Robust and integrated clinician decision support; dashboard integration
  5. Data Driven Optimization
    Examples: Dashboard utilization, change in practice impacting data quality; performance improvement project(s) including using the Joint Commission’s Direct Data Submission Platform (DDSP) features and functionality