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What is SAFER Dashboard

The SAFER Dashboard is a powerful and complimentary business intelligence tool exclusively available to Joint Commission accredited organizations. Its robust capabilities make it a full service, one-stop resource and includes the ability to easily access data, identify trends, and compare them with multiple variables — all on command.

Make Data Driven Decisions

  • Discover patterns & trends – View aggregate survey findings at the corporate, multi-organization* and program level
  • Performance metrics – Compare current and historical data to help track your organization’s performance
  • Data visualization – Visual representations such as charts, graphs, and the SAFER Matrix can help users consume data more easily
  • Reporting - Share data with other stakeholders so they can draw conclusions and make timely decisions
  • Compare data to your peers –Joint Commission national accreditation comparison data is available on-demand.

Learn more about the unique features and capabilities of the SAFER Dashboard.

Benefit to Organizations

Empowers your staff and leadership teams

  • Provides organizations with an on-demand centralized data analytic tool to create measurable goals and monitor the effectiveness of change
  • It can support organizations with building and sustaining quality initiatives by helping to determine and prioritize areas of potential improvement
  • Planning for sustainability is long-term and all-encompassing — the SAFER Dashboard can be a critical component of this process

Strengthens decision making abilities, impacting safe care delivery

  • Reveals trends and patterns in current and historical data to help organization leaders see the larger landscape
  • Offers comparison data to drive greater understanding and application of survey finding data
  • Provides data intelligence and visibility across the organization to inform both critical and planned decision making

Boosts your organization’s efficiency, saving valuable time and resources

  • Eliminates need for manual entry of accreditation data from multiple sources into an electronic format for comparison, and analysis/tracking
  • Enables faster reporting of data to make timely decisions
  • Helps organizations plan, allocate, and deploy resources and staff training
  • Motivates organizations to step away from daily management functions and prompts them to look at the whole picture


Joint Commission accredited organizations can access the SAFER Dashboard on their organization’s Joint Commission Connect® Extranet site, under the “Resources and Tools” tab.

Not Joint Commission accredited yet? View a demo video and learn more about how this can be a powerful tool to help your organization make efficient data-driven decisions every day.

Additional Data Resources

SAFER Dashboard is one of the many business intelligence tools within our DASH (Data Analytics for Safe Healthcare) initiative. Our unmatched collection of proprietary business intelligence tools supports and empowers our customers to make more informed decisions that drive quality improvement and reduce harm.


*As applicable