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How Joint Commission Customers Are Using the SAFER® Dashboard

Our customers are realizing the many benefits of the new SAFER® Dashboard, a complimentary resource available to all accredited organizations. Take a look at the helpful feedback they’ve shared with us.

"Previously we were only able to easily see what was happening at a single ministry with the reports provided by The Joint Commission. Now, with the SAFER® Dashboard, we can see systemic issues which allow us to prioritize resources at a system level."

     ― Project Manager

"We trend the SAFER® matrices to see if we have begun to move our results into the lower ranges.  I am also beginning to compare individual hospitals to their own historical results to watch for those with repeat findings, or a trend of less stellar performance over time."

     ― Director, System Accreditation and Regulatory

"Share, share, share the SAFER® Dashboard data across your organizations and with leadership. Integrate this data with the other patient safety data your organization reviews. Leverage the visualizations to paint a picture for leaders helping them more easily interpret this information as they may not be as familiar with the chapters and standards."

     ― Project Manager

"We used the SAFER® Dashboard to show trends throughout our hospital system and to compare our hospitals with the national averages. We then reported the information to our Governing Board."

     ― Senior Director of Accreditation

"So far, we have used the SAFER® Dashboard to identify areas of improvement by exporting the data into excel and filtering with keywords. We review and compare specific citations to our current performance. In the future we would like to use it to set goals & look at performance based on comparisons to national averages." 

     ― Joint Commission Accreditation Readiness Coordinator

"We use the SAFER® Dashboard data to identify the top ten clinical and EC/LS findings and provide education, toolkits, etc. to all of our facilities."

     ― Assistant Vice President, Accreditation Services

Customer Feedback is Welcomed

If you would like to provide feedback about how your organization has benefited from using the SAFER® Dashboard, we’d love to hear from you. You can email us at .