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Rural Health Clinic Accreditation

Rural health clinics will soon be able to receive accreditation from the first name in quality. Rural Health Clinic Accreditation from The Joint Commission was developed to help improve quality and safety for patients in rural communities seeking preventive and specialized outpatient care.

Why is Rural Health Important?

15% of Americans live in rural communities*. Aside from the distance rural Americans are from health care providers, many people suffer from conditions putting their health at risk, such as high blood pressure and obesity. And, Rural Americans are also more likely to die from heart disease, cancer, unintentional injury, chronic lower respiratory disease, and stroke than their urban counterparts.*

* Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Benefits of Joint Commission Accreditation

Our focus is on quality and safety. Our framework can help standardize processes, reducing variation and risk, and improve outcomes. Standardization can result in efficiencies and eliminate waste to help boost your bottom line.
  • Enhance and objectively validate your performance reliability
  • Proactively minimize risk areas for your patients, staff and brand
  • Leverage a vetted framework to grow or expand services

How We Differ

  • Exceptional customer service and educational resources
  • Survey that is tailor-made for your services
  • On-site delivery of accreditation report and final report issued within 10 days of survey to expedite receipt of your accreditation decision
  • Surveyor with clinical expertise in ambulatory care and critical access hospitals for a tailored assessment


Our requirements are a practical, industry-vetted framework to help you minimize risk and boost consistency in how care and services are delivered. Our standards focus on key operational areas that most impact the safety of healthcare services, such as:
  • Staff competency
  • Patient assessment
  • Medication management
  • Infection control

Survey Experience

Customers describe The Joint Commission’s survey process as educational and collaborative – an opportunity to enhance business practices guided by trusted industry experts. Our surveyors assess compliance to our standards in real time, guided by the client experience and our unique “tracer” method. We conclude by providing your leadership team with a thorough objective, assessment and practical strategies for ongoing performance improvement.

Tools to help you succeed

  • Dedicated account executive to guide you through your accreditation journey
  • Standards FAQs for help with questions
  • Personalized web account to manage your application, account, and communications from The Joint Commission
  • Publicity kit and listing on The Joint Commission’s website, Quality Check®, to assist with promoting your achievement
  • Checklists, webinars, seminars and much more to help you prepare for and maintain your accreditation
  • The SAFER® Dashboard, a powerful business intelligence tool that helps organizations easily access data, identify trends and compare then with multiple variables