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Our Collaboration with Alzheimer’s Association

An estimated 6.2 million Americans aged 65 and older live with Alzheimer’s and roughly 48% of nursing home residents have Alzheimer’s or other dementias. The Joint Commission and the Alzheimer’s Association are partnering to address the quality and safety needs of this growing community. Our first initiative involves the enhancement of The Joint Commission’s Memory Care Certification (MCC) Program for nursing care centers.

An Enhanced Certification for Memory Care

The Joint Commission MCC program helps organizations minimize risk and improve care for patients and residents with all levels of cognitive impairment. This program focuses on the coordination and delivery of specialized care and programming, staff competency and training, the safety of the physical environment of care and support services for the families of residents and patients with dementia.

Now in effect are new and revised requirements that align with the Alzheimer’s Association Dementia Care Practice Recommendations. Constructed with input from a Standards Review Panel (SRP) and Public Field Reviews, these enhancements reflect current scientific evidence and best practices in memory care and provide an evidence-based approach toward ensuring the highest quality care for people living with Alzheimer’s and other dementia in nursing care centers.

Eligibility and Pricing

MCC is available to organizations that have achieved or are currently seeking accreditation through our Nursing Care Center Accreditation Program. These organizations have the option to obtain MCC during their scheduled accreditation survey or, for an additional fee, can request an extension survey to obtain MCC at any time during the during the 3-year accreditation cycle.

To be eligible for MCC, The Joint Commission requires organizations to have an organized approach to the care, treatment and services provided to this special patient population. Providers must also have served a minimum of five patients or residents within their memory care program with a minimum of two active patients at the time of survey. Certification fees are distributed over the three-year certification cycle, with an average cost of less than $600 per year.

Market Distinction in Memory Care

Our program provides a unique opportunity to recognize nursing care centers that are meeting state-of-the-art standards and implementing best practices for dementia care. Your achievement will be posted on the Quality Check® web site which lists Joint Commission accredited/certified organizations, and your information will be submitted for inclusion in the Alzheimer’s Association Community Resource Finder, a database of dementia and aging-related resources for those seeking programs and services. Organizations meeting the enhanced MCC requirements will also be able to promote their achievement using The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal and the Alzheimer’s Association designated certification mark. View our publicity kit for ideas, guidelines, and resources to help you promote your achievement.

Learn the Process

Whether you’re new to the Joint Commission or are looking for guidance after your survey or review, you’ll have plenty of ongoing support. If you’re pursuing certification for the first time, a member of our Business Development team will help you determine eligibility and provide access to the certification standards and other helpful resources. Once your application and deposit has been submitted, an Account Executive will then become your primary, ongoing “go to” person to help you through the process before, during and after the survey.

Curious what your path to MCC looks like? Here are six quick steps to guide you through the process with confidence:



Certification Process

Certification Process

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2 Review our Requirements

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5 Participate in Review

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