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Accreditation that Delivers

Delivering an accreditation experience that helps you elevate quality and safety throughout your organization is the cornerstone of Joint Commission laboratory accreditation. It’s how our team helps your team deliver safe, quality care to every individual you serve, every time.

Here's how we deliver an unparalleled experience:

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Experienced Surveyors

All Joint Commission laboratory surveyors have a master’s degree at minimum, have worked in at least three technical specialty areas of laboratory medicine and have more than five years of hands-on laboratory management experience. Joint Commission laboratory surveyors conduct up to 60 to 70 laboratory surveys annually and their expertise is closely aligned with an organization’s needs where appropriate, making them an invaluable resource and partner for your laboratory.
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Impactful Standards

Our staff of laboratory experts thoroughly research and analyze every standard we publish. Developed in consultation with nationally recognized experts and the input of your peers, then field tested with our accredited organizations, our standards are considered elevated benchmarks that inspire organizations to excel in providing safe and effective care of the highest quality. Evidence-based and non-prescriptive standards allowing laboratories the flexibility to meet compliance based on their services.
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An Educational Experience

A key component of our customer’s positive accreditation experience relies on our consistent survey process and experienced lab surveyors, including pathologists, who review the entire scope of the laboratory testing process to help identify risk and provide guidance on best practices. Our accredited labs discuss their experiences through the process.

What Our Customers Have to Say

Results of a recent survey1 of Joint Commission accredited laboratories confirm a positive and educational accreditation experience:

gave positive ratings on the relevancy of Joint Commission standards to the health care services your organization provides


agree that the Joint Commission accreditation process positively impacted their organization's ability to provide safe, high quality care


gave positive ratings to the value of The Joint Commission as a quality improvement resource


agree on the educative value of the survey

1Results reflect scores of 6-10 on a 0-10 scale for the 2021 year-end Customer Satisfaction Leadership Survey by The Joint Commission

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Delivering guidance you can trust to validate and improve safety and quality is the cornerstone of Joint Commission accreditation. Your staff and patients deserve no less.

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