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Regardless of the specialty – surgery, pharmacy, direct patient care, or the clinical laboratory, infection control is one of the most critical topics in health care. The potential for exposure to infectious material poses a significant risk to staff, patients, and visitors. And nowhere in a hospital is the potential for exposure more prevalent than in the dense concentration of blood, body fluid, and other patient specimens found in the clinical laboratory.

Learn more about infection control in the clinical Laboratory Environment – view this whitepaper authored by Russ Forney, Joint Commission surveyor for the Laboratory Accreditation Program.


John Russell (Russ) Forney is a Joint Commission surveyor for the Laboratory Accreditation Program. In this role, he surveys the standards in the Comprehensive Accreditation Manual/Accreditation Manual for Pathology and Clinical Laboratory Services. Dr. Forney received his PhD at Utah State University (clinical microbiology) and completed his post-doctoral research experience in clinical parasitology and tropical medicine at the Walter Reed Army Institute of Research. He earned a M.S. in Medical Technology from West Virginia University and completed his undergraduate degree at Florida State University.

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