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Survey Process

The Joint Commission’s robust survey process includes our unique Tracer Methodology that follows the experience of care, treatment or services for several patients through an organization’s entire health care delivery process. This allows surveyors to identify performance issues in one or more steps of the process.

Survey Experience

Our surveyors for the Psychiatric Hospital Accreditation Program have a minimum of 20 years of mental health experience. Joint Commission surveyors are experts in their field, they have the knowledge from their experiences to share best practices with you in a collaborative manner. We feel that knowledge sharing provides you with a unique education experience.
Psychiatric Hospitals that achieve Joint Commission Accreditation can be certified by Medicare and Medicaid for reimbursements
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Psychiatric Hospital Accreditation
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Reducing variation provides better patient care

Accreditation can serve as a framework to help you provide consistent, quality care.

Podcast: Psychiatric Hospital Accreditation

Hear From the Executive Director of Hospital Accreditation to learn about psychiatric accreditation and resources available to you.

Webinar: Psychiatric Hospital Accreditation – Overview, Resources, and Compliance Strategies

Learn about psychiatric hospital accreditation from the Executive Director of the Hospital Accreditation Program and from our Field Director for Inpatient Behavioral Health Services.

What Our Surveyors Have To Say

“Being a Psychiatrist for many years I have a lot of experience in mental health. However, surveying psychiatric hospitals for The Joint Commission has allowed me to learn how different hospitals do things and I have the ability to cherry pick best practices and share with other organizations surveys. This educational experience will help improve care processes across the system.”

-Dr. Michael Nagy, MD, Board Certified Psychiatry
Field Surveyor Psychiatric Hospitals

Why Choose Joint Commission

Our goal is to inspire organizations to improve patient safety and quality of care. We look forward to the opportunity to work closely with your psychiatric hospital to achieve this for your patients.

Any questions about the Joint Commission’s Psychiatric Hospital Accreditation Program, please contact us.