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Recognition for Licensure

Joint Commission accreditation has been approved by many states as an option for organizations seeking initial licensure and re-licensure. This recognition applies to a wide variety of home and community-based providers offering services such as home health, hospice, pharmacy, and personal care.

Special Survey Options

Deemed Status Survey Option for Home Infusion Therapy Providers
Any home infusion therapy supplier that wishes to obtain Medicare reimbursement for the nursing component of that service must be accredited by January 1, 2021. The Joint Commission has been awarded deeming authority by CMS and is now accepting applications for accreditation.

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Deemed Status Survey Option for Medicare Certification - Home Health or Hospice 
The Joint Commission is designated by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) as an approved accreditor for home health and hospice agencies seeking Medicare certification, and can provide accreditation and Medicare certification simultaneously through its survey process. CMS, not The Joint Commission, grants the final decision for Medicare certification.

System Survey Option
System accreditation awards a single accreditation decision to a Home Care “system”, usually a large organization, composed of a corporate office or a main site, and multiple sites that share a common governance structure and corporate management.

Tailored Survey Option
For organizations seeking accreditation across multiple disciplines (i.e., ambulatory care, behavioral health), The Joint Commission offers a tailored survey option to help coordinate and streamline the application and survey process.

Early Survey Option
The Early Survey Option is for organizations seeking initial licensure that do not actively care for patients, but need to provide evidence of their intent to obtain full accreditation.

Community-Based Palliative Care Certification

Community-Based Palliative Care (CBPC) Certification is the first of its kind in the industry, this optional certification incorporates the use of nationally accepted standards, industry expertise and vast resources to help your organization provide exemplary, palliative care services to patients and families in their home. This certification is available to organizations that are also receiving (or have already obtained) accreditation.

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