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Accreditation for Medicare Certification

In all 50 states, The Joint Commission is recognized as a deeming authority for the accreditation of home health, hospice, durable medical equipment, and home infusion therapy providers by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), which allows us to help ensure Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements for our customers.

Organizations seeking Medicare approval may choose to be surveyed either by an accrediting body, such as The Joint Commission, or by state surveyors on behalf of CMS. As a result, organizations who choose to be accredited by The Joint Commission may not be required to undergo additional state surveys, ensuring streamlined and speedy CMS reimbursement.

Accreditation for Initial State Licensure

In addition to serving as a deeming authority for CMS, The Joint Commission is recognized in the following states as satisfying the requirements for obtaining your initial state license:

  • California (Home Health)
  • Florida (Home Health)
  • Missouri (Home Health and Hospice)
  • Ohio (Home Care*)
  • Wisconsin (Home Health and Hospice)

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*New licensure requirement O.R.C § 3740.01 for Home Care (skilled/medical and non-medical services)

Accreditation for State Licensure Renewals

Did you know that in many states, Joint Commission accreditation is accepted to meet some or all licensing renewal activities?

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Discount on One80 Intermediaries / Manchester Specialty Liability Insurance

Recognized as the nation’s leading performance improvement organization, various liability insurers, such as Manchester Specialty, offer discounts on coverage to Joint Commission accredited providers, where allowable by state law.

The Joint Commission and Manchester Specialty have worked together to provide pricing benefits to eligible Joint Commission-accredited home care and hospice organizations. This valuable insurance premium savings helps to offset the cost of accreditation, which can translate into eligibility and pricing advantages, including schedule credits on workers’ compensation and professional liability insurance premiums.

Highmark Recognition for Joint Commission Accreditation

Recognized as the most comprehensive evaluation process, Joint Commission accreditation is often used as a condition for higher rates of reimbursement or increased network participation by many payers across the continuum of care. We are proud to announce that Joint Commission has been selected by Highmark as a criterion for credentialing and contracting for Home Care organizations in Delaware, New York, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.

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State & Payer Recognitions

Many states and large national payers increasingly use Joint Commission Home Care Accreditation to satisfy licensure requirements and as a quality metric to allow or enhance network participation, strengthen contract eligibility, or enable higher rates of reimbursement.

As a complementary part of your accreditation, our dedicated state and payer team works to build visibility and preference for your accreditation achievement. We actively search for any relevant regulatory, legislative, or payer opportunities where accreditation may be recognized, and then work to maximize the benefits available to our accredited organizations.

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