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Joint Commission standards are recognized as the industry's most trusted framework to help providers deliver high quality, reliable care to those they serve. Our standards help you develop strategies to address the most complex issues and identify key vulnerabilities in the care experience. The standards cover various aspects of your care processes — such as human resource management and the Environment of Care® — ensuring a comprehensive review of your care process.

Assess Compliance with Our Standards

Is your organization ready to implement the standards? You can assess your compliance with the standards in a variety of ways, including:

  • Conduct a gap analysis by reviewing the requirements to see where you are meeting the standards, and where there are gaps. Document areas where improvement is needed. This will help target your efforts and prioritize where resources need to be allocated.
  • Conduct a mock survey with your staff. Walk through your facility and see how well you meet the requirements.
  • Develop a timetable for compliance. Once you've identified areas for improvement, assign completion dates for each gap identified. This will help you formulate a readiness date for your on-site survey.

Standards Resources

The Joint Commission provides support to organizations throughout the accreditation process. Learn more about our resources for standards compliance.

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Learn About the Standards

You've obtained the accreditation standards and made a plan to align your processes with them.

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