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Your Account Executive

Once you submit your application and any necessary fees, you will be assigned an account executive — your primary contact at The Joint Commission — to help you:

  • Answer questions about your application and survey preparation.
  • Update changes to your demographic information including address, contact name(s), services, etc.
  • Support your post-survey activities.
  • Connect you with other Joint Commission contacts when you need them.

Our Standards Interpretation Group

Contact our Standards Interpretation Group for information about interpreting and applying specific assisted living community standards. Review frequently asked questions that have been submitted by staff, or you can submit questions directly.

Joint Commission Connect

Joint Commission Connect® is a personalized extranet site dedicated to supporting your organization. Here you will access your application, find your appointed account executive and access other resources to maintain accreditation expectations throughout your ongoing relationship with The Joint Commission.

You can also find our Readiness Roadmap toolkit under the Resources and Tools tab which organizes literally hundreds of helpful documents, webinar recordings, videos, checklists, and crosswalks into user-friendly, sortable categories to help make finding specific resources quick and easy. It’s a valuable tool no matter where you are in the accreditation, certification, or verification process.

Joint Commission Resources

Joint Commission Resources® (JCR®) provides one-stop shopping for assisted living communities seeking accreditation education and training, software, publications, and a variety of other materials to prepare for and sustain your accreditation.