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Volunteer for a Customer Story

Sharing your successes is one of the best ways to help others striving for excellence. That’s why we create and publish one-page Joint Commission Customer Spotlights.

Maybe you’ve realized a cost savings, improved a patient care process or mitigated a patient safety risk as a result of your on-site experience? If so, we’d love to hear about it and showcase your organization. If you're interested in a brief 30-minute interview call our team at 630-792-5286.

Share Your Story in a Blog Post

Other organizations want to hear how you achieved your accreditation. Blogging is a simple and effective way to connect with this audience. If you’re interested in writing a blog about your experience, call our team at 630-792-5286.

Join Us for Live Events 

Telling your story face-to-face is a powerful way to celebrate and help other organizations understand the path to accreditation. If you're interested in sharing your perspective on a live webinar or join our booth at an ambulatory care conference, call our team at 630-792-5286.