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Monitor Progress

Conducting regular assessments to measure worker well-being helps inform the implementation of targeted strategies, and sheds light on the need to course-correct when a strategy falls short of the desired goal. Most importantly, it provides opportunity to gain in-depth insight into worker experiences and what matters to them.

Action Steps

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Commit to Worker Well-Being
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Appoint a Senior Leader
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Assess Clinician Well-Being
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Implement Strategies
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Monitor Progress
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,,Demonstrating outcomes is crucial for understanding the effectiveness of programs to address physician well-being and for making the case for continued investment in well-being to clinic, hospital, system and national leadership.,,

American Medical Association

Tips & Actionable Strategies

Consider these tips and explore the collection of curated resources, strategies and practices to help you with monitoring progress of your efforts to address burnout.

  • Add well-being to the list of other performance measures your organization monitors routinely.
  • Link current structure and process metrics to downstream outcomes of interest.
  • Reassess workforce well-being longitudinally.
  • Refine strategies over time in response to reassessment results.
  • Leverage existing data (e.g., EHR usage logs), when possible, to minimize participant time for data collection.
  • Establish shared accountability among the executive leadership team for the workforces’ well-being scores.
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