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Implement Strategies

No single intervention can address the multifaceted causes of burnout. Organization-level interventions, tailored to the specific needs and challenges of the organization, are often more effective in addressing clinician burnout than implementing individual strategies in isolation.

Action Steps

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Commit to Worker Well-Being
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Appoint a Senior Leader
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Assess Clinician Well-Being
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Implement Strategies
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Monitor Progress
,,A resilient organization will periodically reassess its policies and practices and eliminate those that are no longer relevant or no longer required.,,

National Academy of Medicine

Tips & Actionable Strategies

Consider these tips and explore the collection of curated resources, strategies and practices to identify things you can do at the organization level to address the well-being needs of your workforce.

  • Explore strategies that target the drivers of burnout identified in the assessment.
  • Think about how strategies will be prioritized.
  • Consider piloting strategies prior to broad implementation.
Sources: AHRQ, AMA
  • Consider which strategies are most relevant to your organization, and tailor them as needed.
  • Consider de-implementation of processes and practices with little to no value.
  • Consider upstream (systemic) factors to prevent problems becoming even bigger problems.