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Workplace Violence Prevention Resources

Workplace violence is a serious and growing problem in health care. Not only does it impact victims, but it can also adversely impact employee morale, increase staff turnover, reduce productivity, create a fearful organizational culture, and compromise patient care. The high incidence of workplace violence prompted the creation of new Joint Commission accreditation requirements implemented in 2022. These requirements provide a framework to guide organizations in developing effective workplace violence prevention systems, including leadership oversight, policies and procedures, reporting systems, data collection and analysis, post-incident strategies, training, and education to decrease workplace violence.
A workplace violence prevention program prepares leaders and staff to anticipate and respond to violence in the workplace.
A worksite analysis to identify existing or potential hazards is an important part of a workplace violence prevention program.
Data can help you identify high risk locations and departments, potential incidents, and conditions that may contribute to them.
Providing your team with education and training is crucial to the success of a workplace violence prevention program.