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Leadership and Oversight

Leadership and organization commitment are essential to a well-functioning environmental sustainability program (see SHCLD chapter). The following practices can help build and establish organization commitment. You don’t need to do them all — select what aligns with your organization.

Strategies and Practices

These actions and practices can help your organization establish an environmental sustainability program with clear purpose, strong leadership, and support from all levels of the organization.

Getting Started

  • Identify a champion and/or key stakeholders
  • Appoint a leader who is responsible for activities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
  • Start small and build momentum — don’t try to boil the ocean
  • Build a “green team” or green committee that includes clinicians
  • Set a clear vision with defined targets/goals
  • Build sustainability projects with a clear business case; incorporate ES into existing service lines
  • Incorporate environmental sustainability into strategic planning

Long Term Strategies

  • Allocate resources (financial and human) for a long term strategy
  • Develop policies that support decarbonization actions and interventions
  • Foster a culture of sustainability; walk the talk, lead by example
  • Collaborate and partner with external stakeholders (the community, suppliers, area hospitals)
  • Incentivize staff efforts (remote work policies, subsidizing public transportation)