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Assessment, Measurement & Improvement

Data collection, analysis and reporting are important for tracking progress toward an organizations’ greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reduction targets and goals. Organizations can realign and shift strategies as needed. Organizations need to start by establishing a baseline (see SHCME Chapter).

Strategies and Practices

Below are strategies to establish initial or baseline measurements for your organization. Please refer to the "Key Resources" tab for inventories, conversion calculators, audit templates and other helpful measurement tools.

  • Conduct a greenhouse gas inventory/audit
  • Perform a building walkthrough analysis to identify low- or no-cost energy savings opportunities and estimate their potential. Conduct regular monitoring of airborne concentrations of waste gas.
  • Conduct inventory on current supplies and waste assessment
  • Incorporate data collection and tools for implementing measurement activities (data collection, auditing, and reporting) 

Sources: AHA sustainability resources, ASHE sustainability educational tools (must be a member for the ASHE Sustainability Guide), AHRQ Reducing Healthcare Carbon Emissions: A Primer

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