Participate in the Intracycle Monitoring Process

During the years between surveys, the Intracycle Monitoring (ICM) process helps accredited organizations sustain peak performance throughout the three-year cycle of accreditation. You’ll have access to an online tool called the ICM Profile. It provides resources to help you identify areas where your organization is at risk for compliance. For more information about Intracycle Monitoring, please contact your Account Executive.

The Path to Behavioral Health Care Reaccreditation

Your dedication to providing continuous high-quality care sets you apart from your competitors — it makes you a behavioral health care partner of choice within your community. Following best practices not only benefits your community and improves your overall efficiency, it assures you’re well positioned for reaccreditation.

What does the path to reaccreditation look like? View resources that map out tasks you need to complete and expected time commitments:

  • Set up internal meetings
  • Mock surveys
  • Action plan
  • Onsite survey
  • Findings delivered
  • Process to amend findings
  • Get reaccreditation decision