We are Here to Support You Every Step of the Way

Accreditation and certification are important accomplishments to achieve and we are here to help your organization throughout the entire process. Whether you’re new to the Joint Commission and just starting on your journey, or you are looking for guidance after your survey or review, you’ll have plenty of ongoing support.

If you’re pursuing accreditation for the first time, a member of our Business Development team will help you determine if your organization is eligible, explain the process, provide you with access to the accreditation standards and inform you about other helpful resources available to you. Once your application and deposit* has been submitted, an Account Executive will then become your primary, ongoing “go to” person to help you through the process before, during and after the survey.

*Some exceptions exist for currently accredited organizations pursuing select certifications.

Your Roadmap to Accreditation

Accreditation Process


1 Connect with Us

Learn more about our programs.

2 Review Our Requirements

Request free online access to our standards.


3 Survey Readiness

Compare your performance against our standards.

4 Complete Application

Identify the month you will be ready for an on-site survey.


5 Survey Participation

Experience our collaborative on-site survey.

6 Promote Achievement

Leverage our publicity kit to share your success.