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Preparing for Resurvey

As an accredited organization you understand how following best practices can help you boost efficiency, improve outcomes and keep you well positioned for reaccreditation. 

So what does the path of reaccreditation look like? Here are some suggested steps that can help keep you on track: 
  • Ensure your application information is current
  • Connect with your Account Executive 
  • Review our annual list of most commonly cited standards
  • Conduct a mock survey to assess your performance
  • Develop a readiness game plan with your team
  • Explore our educational resources to supplement your preparation efforts

Support from an Account Executive

Your Account Executive is here to support you through the accreditation process and answer any questions along the way. If you are already accredited or have submitted an application, you can find your Account Executive's direct contact information within your Joint Commission Connect extranet site. To open an application for accreditation please contact our business development team.

Readiness Resources

The Joint Commission provides a variety of resources to help you continue to learn and improve your organization’s quality of care.

Your organization can benefit from: