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Key Points to Emphasize Your Achievement

  • Accreditation and Certification are a way of evaluating quality and safety in your organization. It is an audit of the processes that help you deliver high quality patient care.
  • Accreditation and Certification is a continuous process, providing insight into your organization’s daily operations and systems.
  • The unannounced survey/review is a validation of your organization’s continuous improvement efforts.
  • Accreditation/certification is recognized nationally as The Gold Seal of Approval® in health care.
  • Your organization has undergone an unannounced, thorough on-site review of the quality and safety of care being provided and is committed to continuously meeting rigorous national standards. The conclusion of the on-site survey is a validation of the work to continuously comply with The Joint Commission's nationally developed standards.
  • Your organization is committed to continuous improvement and delivering safe, high quality care.
  • Ongoing compliance with Joint Commission standards results in sound management practices in the day-to-day delivery of safe, high quality care and give examples. In fact, The Joint Commission serves as an independent audit of your organization’s commitment to continuous quality improvement.
  • Detail your organization’s full compliance with particular areas of the process, such as challenging standards, or your organization’s level of compliance with the standards.
  • Your organization is focused on continuous standards compliance and is committed to maintaining care processes for patients, residents, or clients that are safe and that meet high quality standards.
  • Staff involvement in the process was vital to the success of the on-site visit because the tracer methodology focuses on the direct care of the patient, resident or client.