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Preparing for Resurvey

As an accredited organization, you understand how following best practices can help you boost efficiency, improve outcomes, and keep you well positioned for reaccreditation.

So what does the path of reaccreditation look like? Here are some suggested steps that can help keep you on track:

  • Ensure your application information is current
  • Connect with your Account Executive
  • Review our annual list of most commonly-cited standards
  • Conduct a mock survey to assess your performance
  • Develop a readiness game plan with your team
  • Explore our educational resources to supplement your preparation efforts

We offer a variety of resources for organizations preparing for an upcoming survey. Select your health care setting below to get started.

Access hands-on tools, resources, and educational offerings to help guide you through the survey process.
Learn what to expect on the day of your accreditation survey, including sample agendas and tips from surveyors.
Learn about the post-survey process for accreditation and other requirements for your accreditation decision.

Ways to Stay Informed

We also provide many different resources to help your organization stay informed, maintain survey readiness before and after your survey, and deliver high reliability care beyond accreditation.
Stay up-to-date with important updates and new content on The Joint Commission website with E‑Alerts.
Keep up with Joint Commission accreditation standards with field reviews, prepublication standards, NPSGs, and more.
Our complimentary webinars connect you with experts who can help you maintain compliance and excel beyond accreditation.

Readiness Resources

Joint Commission Resources® (JCR®) provides one-stop shopping for health care organizations seeking accreditation education and training, software, publications, and a variety of other materials to prepare for and sustain your accreditation.

Every year JCR holds numerous conferences and seminars, such as the Executive Briefings and Accreditation Essentials, with timely, relevant content.

Learning events

JCR offers timely web-based and on-demand learning, such as the Digital Learning Center and Environment of Care/Life Safety Webinar Series, to fit the needs of your staff.

Online education

JCR publishes an extensive collection of manuals, periodicals, and books/e-books to help your staff prepare for everyday challenges.


Assess your accreditation readiness with a portfolio of proven software solutions developed by our team of industry experts.


Support from an Account Executive

Your Account Executive is here to support you through the accreditation process and answer any questions along the way. If you are already accredited or have submitted an application, you can find your Account Executive's direct contact information within your Joint Commission Connect® extranet site. Contact your Joint Commission account executive for assistance.