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General Eligibility Requirements

Any health care organization may apply for Joint Commission accreditation if all the following requirements are met:

  • The laboratory is in the United States or its territories or, if outside the United States, is operated by the US government or under a charter of the US Congress. 

  • If required by law, the laboratory has a facility license, CLIA license, or registration to conduct its scope of services.

  • The laboratory can demonstrate that it continually assesses and improves the quality of its care, treatment, and/or services.  This process includes a review by clinicians or qualified designee as defined by CLIA, including those knowledgeable in the type of care, treatment, and/or services provided at the laboratory.

  • The laboratory identifies the services it provides, indicating which care, treatment, and/or services it provides directly, under contract, or through some other arrangement. 

  • The laboratory provides services that can be evaluated by The Joint Commission’s standards.