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Survey Activity Guide

The Survey Activity Guide is dedicated to preparing you for the on-site visit. This resource includes:

  • Survey Activity Details: a thorough, individualized description of the on-site review events.
  • Sample Survey Agenda: a helpful, hour-by-hour outline of the survey, showing you what to expect, who to have available, and what you’ll need throughout the on-site visit.
  • Document List: a list of documents and information you’ll need for the surveyor planning sessions on day one of your survey.

What to Expect on Survey Day

During the on-site survey, we assess your compliance with Joint Commission standards. Survey length depends on the information you supply on your application and the agenda includes key activities like:

  • A survey-planning session.
  • An opening conference and orientation to the organization between our surveyor(s) and your team.
  • A regulatory review.
  • Performance Improvement Data Review.
  • An exit conference for the survey team to present a written summary of their findings.

A unique aspect of our on-site survey process that delivers unmatched value for our customers is the tracer methodology. We assess your compliance with our standards by observing how your laboratory’s services interact with areas that provide direct patient care services. We have two types of tracer activities:

  • Individual tracers follow the patient care experience through the health care process.
  • System tracers evaluate how you integrate related processes and coordinate communication among disciplines and departments. This process includes deep discussion and education on the use of data in performance improvement, Environment of Care®, infection control, and other topics important to your organization.