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Why Choose The Joint Commission

Offering a real-time analysis of your health care delivery process, our program identifies strengths and pinpoints risks before they can become costly problems. Recognized as the nation’s leading performance improvement organization, achieving Joint Commission accreditation distinguishes your community, making you the obvious choice for residents, their caregivers and top-level talent.

State/Payer Recognitions

The Joint Commission actively collaborates with states and third-party payers to gain recognition for Joint Commission accreditation toward value-based performance initiatives. View the program’s current recognitions and learn more about our outreach efforts.


Learn the eligibility requirements that must be met by your organization to attain accreditation for your assisted living community.

Process and Pricing

Find practical answers to the most common questions about the accreditation process here.

Our Standards

Curious to see how your organization measures up to Joint Commission performance standards? Learn more about the requirements for assisted living communities and request a free trial version of the standards.

Apply for Accreditation

You’ve confirmed your eligibility, reviewed the performance standards and assessed your readiness for an on-site survey. Now commit to a culture of quality and safety by applying for accreditation.