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Tuesday 6:23 CST, October 17, 2017

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Ambulatory Health Care

Facts about Ambulatory Care Accreditation

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The Joint Commission’s Ambulatory Care Accreditation program was established in 1975, and today more than 2,100 freestanding ambulatory care organizations are Joint Commission-accredited.

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Ambulatory Health Care

Imaging Services

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Do you need to meet the CMS regulation for advanced imaging services?

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Ambulatory Health Care

Important Reminder from CMS

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Important Reminders about Advanced Diagnostic Imaging (ADI) Accreditation Requirements from the Department of Health and Human Services.

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Ambulatory Health Care

Standards Sampler - Imaging

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Standards Sampler for Diagnostic Imaging

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Ambulatory Health Care

Changes to Standards & EPs for Advanced Imaging Requirements

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Changes to Standards & EPs for Advanced Imaging Requirements - Ambulatory Health Care Accreditation Program. Three new Elements of Performance (Eps) to the (EC) Chapter

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Ambulatory Health Care

Imaging - Required Written Documentation

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Required Written Documentation (RWD) This chapter provides you with a list of elements of performance (EPs) that require written documentation. You may fi nd it useful to use this document as a checkl

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Ambulatory Health Care

Federal Register Notice

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The Joint Commission approved by CMS to accredit suppliers of advanced imaging services. Federal Register notice of approval.

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