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Thursday 5:48 CST, August 24, 2017

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Prepublication Standards – Standard Related to Performance on ORYX Measures to be Deleted

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Effective January 1, 2018 Standard PI.02.01.03 and its one element of performance, will be permanently deleted. It has been suspended since January 2015 (see December 2014 Perspectives) and will now be deleted because The Joint Commission has determined that it is not possible to accurately calculat

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Ambulatory Health Care, Hospitals, Critical Access Hospitals, Behavioral Health Care, Nursing Care Center, Office-Based Surgery, Home Care

Standards Revisions for Medication Management

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The Joint Commission has revised its Medication Management (MM) standards for all applicable accreditation programs to assure that they continue to reflect evidence-based practices and quality and safety issues that have emerged from the field in recent years.

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Prepublication Standards – Standards Revisions Related to Pain Assessment and Management

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The Joint Commission has developed new and revised pain assessment and management standards for the Hospital accreditation program. In early 2016, The Joint Commission began conducting an extensive literature review on contemporary guidelines and best practices for pain assessment and management in

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Hospitals, Critical Access Hospitals, Nursing Care Center

Prepublication Standards – Goal Revisions for Healthcare-Associated Infections NPSGs

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The Joint Commission introduced several revised requirements for National Patient Safety Goal (NPSG) 7.

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