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Monday 7:37 CST, May 21, 2018


Quality Check

We pride ourselves on quality services, so we wanted the community to see that we had The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval™. The hospital in our community has that recognition, so people know what it means. Joint Commission accreditation is a known quality indicator.Read More

Jeff Shearer, ACSW, LCSW, CAP - Tykes & Teens

Bottom line, Joint Commission accreditation helps us attract customers who might not look at us otherwise. The Gold Seal gives us instant credibility. We have facilities in different parts of the country, so when families choose a location they know that each facility provides the same high quality care no matter where it is located.Read More

Chris A. Banken - Sequel Youth and Family Services

Eating Recovery Center chose to be accredited by The Joint Commission, rather than another accrediting organization or not at all, so that our programs and services would be designed and operated to meet or exceed the most rigorous quality standards in the health care industry. Read More

Andrew L. Braun, M.B.A. - Eating Recovery Center

Joint Commission accreditation has been the single most comprehensive, challenging and effective tool for organizational change. Accreditation stimulated our community mental health center to move beyond a prescriptive “follow the rules” culture to using data-driven measures for quality, satisfaction and positive outcomes. Read More

Kelly Dylag, R.N., M.S.N. - Far West Center

Joint Commission accreditation gives us recognition and credibility for meeting the national standards set forth by behavioral health care experts. This assures clients and their families that they are receiving the highest quality treatment for eating disorders.Read More

Trish O'Donnell, L.P.C., ATR-BC - Eating Disorder Center of Denver

We compared several accrediting bodies and The Joint Commission was the clear favorite. Its reputation for excellence, the educational and professional nature of its surveyors, and its willingness to help us through the accreditation process made it the best choice for our organization.Read More

Scott Proctor, Ph.D., FCGA, CFE, CPA - Recovery Ways

The decision to become Joint Commission accredited has been crucial to our success.  Accreditation forms the foundation of our policies and procedures and has established us as a safe, stable, clinical environment.Read More

Dustin Tibbitts, L.M.F.T. - InnerChange New Haven

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