Testimonials | Joint Commission
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Monday 9:25 CST, March 19, 2018


Quality Check
Randy Holloran
Randy Holloran - President
Cirrus Medical Staffing
Charlotte, NC

Joint Commission certification creates a check and balance system for our organization that promotes the accurate delivery of our services. Additionally, this certification has driven our efficiencies higher while broadening and enhancing communication between departments.


Through Joint Commission certification, our organization has produced concrete performance measurements that we share with clients and use to keep our business focused on desired outcomes.

Since achieving certification, we have experienced a significant increase in our client contracts and in the number of monthly placements.

Joint Commission certification is an extremely powerful tool for updating processes and keeping current in business practices. Tracking desired outcomes allows us to substantiate growth without sacrificing service or quality.

Obtaining Joint Commission certification provides employees with a means to monitor their performance using our own quality initiatives. Most importantly, Joint Commission certification raises the bar for performance companywide.