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The Joint Commission, Joint Commission Resources® (JCR®), and Joint Commission International® (JCI®) have developed a toolkit to supplement the monograph entitled Preventing Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infections (CLABSI) – A Global Challenge, A Global Perspective aimed at reducing CLABSIs in the domestic and international arenas. The overarching goal of the monograph and accompanying toolkit is to provide the most current information and guidance on practices and technology, as well as the most appropriate tools, resources, and education, to assist health care organizations in reducing the current burden associated with CLABSIs. The monograph and toolkit cover central lines only — not peripheral lines or arterial lines. The intended audience consists of health care personnel who insert and care for intravascular catheters and who are responsible for the surveillance, prevention, and control of infections in all health care settings.


This monograph was originally published in 2013. While much of the content remains relevant, users should be aware that it has not been updated. The Joint Commission project staff is solely responsible for the content of this toolkit. This toolkit is informed by the research conducted by the project staff and the recommendations of our technical advisory panel. Published literature as well as information referred by project advisors, reviewers, and collaborating organizations was considered. However, toolkit project staff did not conduct a systematic literature review after the monograph was published. We hope this toolkit contains useful information, but it is not intended to be a comprehensive source for all relevant information. The Joint Commission and its collaborating organizations are not responsible for any claims or losses arising from the use of, or from any errors or omissions in this toolkit. The inclusion of any reference or example or of an organization name, product, or service in a Joint Commission publication should not be construed as an endorsement by The Joint Commission, or by the project technical advisory panel or any of its members, of any specific method, product, treatment, practice, program, service, vendor, or resource or of such organization, product, or service, nor is failure to include an organization name, product, or service to be construed as disapproval. ©2013 The Joint Commission


The toolkit is separated into the following chapters which correspond directly to those included in the monograph:

  • Introduction  
  • Chapter 1 - Types of Central Venous Catheters and Risk Factors for and Pathogenesis of CLABSIs  
  • Chapter 2 - Background on CLABSIs: Clinical Practice Guidelines, Position Papers, Initiatives on CLABSI Prevention, and Barriers to Best Practices  
  • Chapter 3 - CLABSI Prevention Strategies, Techniques, and Technologies  
  • Chapter 4 - CLABSI Patient Safety Initiatives: Factors Contributing to Improvement  
  • Chapter 5 - CLABSI Surveillance, Benchmarking, and Public Reporting  
  • Chapter 6 - Economic Aspects of CLABSIs and Their Prevention  
  • Glossary - A glossary of terms used in the toolkit   
  • Toolkit Tools Directory - A complete list of all tools included in the toolkit  
  • Acknowledgements   
  • Disclaimer  
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  • Monograph - Preventing Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infections – A Global Challenge,  A Global Perspective