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Bih-Shang Shen

Bih-Shang Shen, RN, MSN

Administrator, Home Health Agency
Home Care Surveyor, The Joint Commission

Home health care has an expanded role during the COVID-19 pandemic and Bih-Shang Shen shares how communications with the patient is more vital than ever.


Educating the community


“We sent the message to the discharge planners in the hospital that we are willing as home care agencies to monitor their COVID-positive patients or possible COVID-positive patients. When they are waiting for their results at home, we can also help to do the phone assessment and phone follow-up if they want us to do that. We make sure we are helping the hospital and the community by monitoring the patient's symptoms when they are home. We can also do a lot of education over the phone with these patients, such as how to isolate themselves from the other family members, wash hands and wear masks.”


“The community is relying on healthcare workers, especially home care workers, because we are out in the community talking to the patient and the family. When we educate it's not just patients, it’s the whole family and friends who have contact or communication with the patient. I think home care bears a big responsibility in educating the community.”