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Tuesday 9:38 CST, September 26, 2017

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National Hospital Quality Measures - ICU

October 3, 2010


After soliciting input from a wide variety of stakeholders in early 2002, The Joint Commission developed a set of performance measures applicable to the intensive care setting.  The development process was guided by the expertise and advice of a Technical Advisory Panel (TAP).  The six measures contained in the Specifications Manual for National Hospital Quality Measures – ICU underwent two phases of rigorous testing and the results were reviewed by the TAP.  In November 2004, four of the measures were recommended for potential national implementation, while the two outcome measures were to be implemented as test measures not to be publicly reported or included in The Joint Commission accreditation process until additional information on training needs, reliability, and the impact of reliability on the predicted outcomes could be ascertained.

Just prior to the measure set implementation, on July 1, 2005, The Joint Commission suspended implementation of data collection for the ICU measure set.  The suspension was implemented in order to enable the Joint Commission to align its ORYX performance measure requirements with respect to the ICU measures with the decision of the Hospital Quality Alliance priority of next adding measures related to surgical care to the nationally reported measure set portrayed on the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Hospital Compare web site. In the process, the vision was to merge the ICU measures with corresponding SCIP measures configuring all measures to focus on surgical care.

The ICU measure set was thus placed in the Measure Reserve Library as a relevant, evidence-based, fully-specified and fully tested measure set available for reference and for use by others. 

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