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Saturday 10:03 CST, December 16, 2017

Patient Blood Management Certification


About Patient Blood Management Certification

Patient Blood Management is a voluntary certification that provides a third party evaluation of patient blood management programs. The certification is an evidence-based approach to optimizing care of patients who might need transfusion. It is based on the AABB Standards for a Patient Blood Management Program and can help hospitals and critical access hospitals realize the maximum benefits of establishing a comprehensive patient blood management program.


Special limited opportunity

Special pricing for limited time only!
To help organizations with this endeavor, we have a special offer to help advance your goal of achieving Patient Blood Management Certification for your program. From now until the end of November 2017, the 2017 annual certification fee will be waived and the 2018 annual fee will be reduced by 10%.

How do you take advantage of this special discount? Submit your Patient Blood Management Certification application to The Joint Commission by November 30, 2017. Your organization’s corresponding review must be scheduled within one year of the application submission date. It’s that simple!

Please fill out this form so a Business Development Manager can help you take advantage of the discount.


For questions about the specific Patient Blood Management Certification standards, email standards@aabb.

2017 Patient Blood Mgmt Gold Seal

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