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For Pharmacy Providers

If your pharmacy provides sterile and nonsterile compounding services, certification recognizes you meet the most stringent standards in safety and reliability. Learn about eligibility, benefits of certification, and how to get started.

Supports State Boards

Many state legislatures and boards of pharmacies are changing laws and regulations related to compounding pharmaceuticals. Find out how Medication Compounding (MDC) Certification ensures pharmacies in your state are compliant with U.S. Pharmacopeial Convention (USP) regulations and industry best practices.

Quote from USP

“Quality compounding of medicine is foundational to patient safety and may serve to reduce the incidence of adverse healthcare associated conditions such as infections and medication errors. USP Compounding Standards <797> and <795> aim to assist hospitals in improving the quality of the healthcare they deliver. As such, it is part of USP’s mission to support the advancement of healthcare quality and safety. USP is proud to work with The Joint Commission on this important endeavor and would also like to commend institutions that demonstrate their commitment to quality through such certification processes.”

– Jaap Venema, Ph D, USP Chief Science Officer

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Find out how certification helps pharmacies ensure medication compounding safety. These resources help you explore how certification helps improve safety.